Photographic Essentials Seminar!!

Hey Peeps!

I will be teaching a 5 day seminar on photography in May and I am very excited about it!

Here is a poster that I designed for the event:

Here are the details:


May 10th – Camera Basics

– explore your camera and all of its parts

-get familiar with the many functions of your camera

May 13th – Composition

– Rule of Thirds

– learn how to use lines and shapes to compose an image

May 17th – Light

– the tool of the photographer

– how light works

– reflections

May 20th – Types of Photography

– briefly cover the 4 main genre of photography; Macro, Action, Landscape and Portrait

– specific look at lighting for Portrait photography

May 24th – Gallery Night!!

– go through the work that you have done and pick your favorite piece

– bring in your work to share with the seminar group

– discuss each others work, inspire others with your work and be inspired!!

I hope a lot of you join me next month!!


Michael Carty


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