Getting Down to Business

Hey Everyone,

Needless to say, I have been EXTREMELY busy, but now I’m going to have enough time to catch up on things and keep up these blog postings.
What I’d like to do with this blog is not to only let you know what my work is doing and where it is taking me and also my life in general, but also to have a dialog with models, publishers, photographers, designers, MUA’s and anyone who loves creativity and is inspired by it. Basically I want to talk shop, whether it’s equipment, a new image, color scheme, project idea, pose – WHATEVER.
I want everyone to feel welcome here, to ask questions and get answers, and to never feel foolish for asking because that’s how ALL of us learn.
So my next blog will be posted this weekend, I’m not saying what it’s about yet(I still need to figure that out lol) but maybe THIS post will get a comment that will give me an idea, who knows?
So to close this one off, I’m going to post a recent shot of two of my best models, Victoria and Sharon. They were a tonne of fun to work with(as always) and I’d like to thank my wife Sandra for being the best assistant anyone could ask for(and a free one!:D), she keeps things organized and moving and is a great second set of eyes for me, thx baby!!
See you in a few!
Michael Carty


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