I’m Pregnant and the Importance of Social Media for your Photography

Well yeah, I guess the title says it all.  My wife and I are pregnant with our first child, due in May, and I can’t wait – really, I can’t.  That also means that I need to work my ass off as much as possible in my craft and business because I’m sure my spare time will drop to a minimum once he or she arrives.  So does anyone have advice?  Some sage-like knowledge, first-hand possibly on raising children and still finding time to keep the work going? I’d love to hear some.

Now social media, you know: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc, etc, etc….  I bet a lot of you out there have a pretty good idea on how important it is to your business, no matter what it is.  But just to show you some stats on how powerful and all-encompassing social medias are between you and your clients, I have a video that was shown to me by Justin Hyslop, a Field Marketing representative from Samsung Electronics Canada Inc., whom I met this past weekend at a Bell dealer conference.  Justin is the only rep at this conference that I really had any extended dialogue with and I have to say that his was by far the best planned and receptive presentation there.  I’d like to share this video with you now, and believe me, you will be completely entertained:


So hopefully you’ve watched this before continuing to read on, otherwise you won’t nearly grasp the real impact that social media can do for(or against) your work.

Communication is key in every business, and every type of communication or social media is another way into your potential clients lives.  But that’s not all.  It’s also how you use the social media that makes the big difference in the impact that it will have on your business.  Alec Brownstein is a talented writer and director who used Google AdWords in an out-of-the-box way to score a job with Y&R in New York.  To see the “Google Job Experiment”(and I highly suggest you do, if only to bask in the simplicity of this idea) click on the link below.


Amazing eh?  Is it getting through?  Social media(any and all) is the advertising of now and the future, customer testimonials are the ad slogans and guarantees, consumers will not trust the company completely, why should they?  But clients will always trust(more so anyways) previous clients word because the testimonials are from clients who gain nothing from your businesses success or failure.  They tell it how it is, from their perspective and from their experience.  Social media is practically a stewpot of testimonials.  Not just of business, but life itself.  What do you think tweets or status updates are?  What are wall posts and links?  These are all opinions, of people telling other people what they think.  They are testimonials, personal or professional.  So use that knowledge, and figure out what you want them to say about you.

Questions, comments, stories?  I love to hear them.  Cheers, and thx for the well wishes from the expectant parents!! 😀

Oh, and while I’m at it, join my twitter if you like lol, see what I did there?


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