Finding a Niche as a Photographer

When one wants to be any type of professional photographer, a good piece of advice is to find your niche.  Choosing a niche is important for a number of reasons;  it gives focus on your subject matter and client demographic, it assists in promoting yourself to the public with a clearer sense of what you do and it better organizes your business plans.

Your niche is the type of photography that you wish to specialize in.  It can be difficult to many new photographers which niche to choose from since most like to make photographs of a multitude of topics.  An important thing to remember is that choosing your niche does not mean that you can’t shoot other subject matter, just that you specialize in a specific type and that is what your business primarily works on.

I’d like to note that many photographers never choose a specific niche, are labelled as “generalized”, and still find success in their work. 

Having a genre to work towards creates a better focus on what you are doing in your business, you gain a better sense of what to shoot and who to approach with your work.  This can save a lot of time and planning, it also has the potential of increasing your skill in said niche since there will be less time spent on other genres.

So, just for example, you want to shoot portraits.  What does this mean?  Well it creates a specific client base:  grads, families, models.  Since people are the main subject in this niche, you could also use this to bleed into related genres, like fashion and commercial photography.

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