Shooting in the Capital Episode 2: Two Great Shoots, Love This City, Keeping Photography Simple

Hey All,

Sorry for the delay in this blog entry, things have been getting really busy – and even though I pretty much touched base on this very topic in the last blog – determination and professionalism keeps me working at this in a positive light.

The day before I left to return home, I had set up two shoots with some models.  One was a young and talented newcomer named Anna Chernykh, Anna was a natural and a joy to shoot, she’s shown below:

My second model was Sarah Foley,  Sarah was great to shoot with, she had terrific energy and new what the camera liked.  See her images below.

I totally loved Ottawa, it is truly a great city to visit and live in.  There is a wide variety of culture, knowledge and people there from all over the world and it all comes together in a unified way.
Just as a sidenote, my flight back was great, white clouds, sunshine.  That is, until we landed, there was a windstorm at home and I could literally feel the plane slide sideways in the air as we were landiing.
I’m planning a new photography clinic next month, and I am taking a very different approach to it than my past clinics.  Simplification.  That is key in teaching anything.  So NO LCD tv screen with visuals – all visuals will be hands-on tools.  Experience with equipment will cement the information in these classes. 

Below is the ad I created for the class, I hope you can attend.

That’s all for today, chat you later on the busy projects coming this month!

Michael Carty


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