Back After A Little Break…Down

Hey Peeps,

Sorry for taking so long to get back on here, I’ve been pushing everything(remember the last blog post?) and finally burned myself out.  Which brings me to a crucial part of life – rest.  I was working my dayjob, my photography job, edits until 2am and trying to book as much of my free time as possible.  Then I got sick — really sick.  I’m still dealing with a lot of things right now but I’m working on taking my time and not constantly rushing at 200km/h with everything in my life.

So just to hash out what I have been working on, I was invited to Aperture Studios( in Halifax to shoot the lovely and talented Karen Murdock, who is also the founder of FIZZ(  We had a fantastic team, Cyndi Gordon( was our clothing stylist/MUA and Eden Boudreau( was our Hair Stylist, wonderful and professional women, great at what they do and fun to be around.  It was a blast, we got some great shots and I got to do a shoot in the first studio that made me starstruck(and still sometimes does) when I started out in this business.  Here are a few shots:

Then the other week I was able to shoot instudio with 2011 Canadian Winter Games Competitor James Hazelton.

That shoot was fun too, talking about the games, training, and family history involved in this figure skating.  Here’s a few shots:

James was a great sport and thank god loved my shots of him.  GO JAMES!!

Anywho, back to the grind, laterz.

Michael Carty

Oh, and just to update the baby situation — we’re having a BOY!!

Introducing Liam Michael Carty:


One thought on “Back After A Little Break…Down

  1. It's good you're slowing down, taking your time to smell the roses so to speak. Do what makes you happy and enjoy your life; enjoy your family! They're beautiful and you're very blessed to have them. Your work is also something you've been blessed with, because it's amazing!Keep up the good work 🙂

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