Second Shooter, Hockey Heroes & 4 Weeks to GO!!

Hey Peeps,

I was approached by Dawn Melanson(, a great wedding photog friend of mine and past childhood neighbor, to be her second shooter for a wedding this summer.  I’ve never been a second shooter before but I’m realizing all of the benefits of it and I think I will definately keep it in my skill-set.

Luckily, Dawn was taking the cute couple Robert + Jessica around the Annapolis area for an engagement shoot the next day and I was able to attend and shoot some shots off myself.  It was a great time – minus the periodic mini-blizzards that kept manifesting – and we had taken a lot of great images as seen below.

just to show you how cold it really was here, this is a snap that Dawn took of me, not the best image but just look at how bundled up I am!!

In other news, I have recently been offered a sweet gig in Halifax next weekend.  I am the exclusive photographer for the BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend event, this event will host 12 NHL Alumni, along with other local celebs for 3 days to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation(

I’m looking forward to meeting some childhood heroes, getting some great images and work connections, and help to serve the worthy cause that this event is working towards.

The downside(or upside) to all of this is my wife S. is due in 4 weeks…. yes, that’s right, I will be over 300kms away for 3 days while my wife has 3 weeks until her due date – I just realized the “3” connection there.  But no worries, I have my cell on me 24/7, unlimited text, the event reps are aware of the delicate timing, and I’m actually going to be closer to the hospital that she will.  I can’t wait for Liam to arrive!!  S. and I did some maternity shots the other day just to make sure we had them before she popped and we love them, here are a few.

Anywho, I gotta go watch Jasmine Star live on,

Michael Carty


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