BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend and Less Than 2 Weeks Left!!

Hey Everyone,

Last weekend I had the great opportunity to be the event photographer for the first annual BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend in Halifax.  It was put on by the Heart & Stroke Foundation, a great cause in which I’m sure most of us have been directly or indirectly effected.

Basically, what I had to “endure” over those 3 days was to attend all the scheduled events, with full access to everything and everyone, and shoot the 12 great NHL Alumni that were attending, see below:

Glenn Anderson, Gaston Gingras, Kevin Maguire, Jay Wells, Rick Middleton, Terry O’Reilly, Ray Bourque, Tom Sim, Marcel Dionne, Claude Lemieux, Todd Warriner, Mario Roberge in order from left to right.

I was even told by Marcel Dionne personally that he really liked this image(ego stroke).

This was me for about 10 mins during the first night, please excuse the quality, the lady that shot this didn’t know how to use my cam:

It was a blast to say the least – and exhausting!  I had very early mornings, very late nights and very long days with no more relaxing after those two previous images from the first day.  Besides shooting the hockey action in every conceivable way, I was constantly backing up images, printing group/team shots and burning disks.  I’m estimating over 1000 shots were taken this weekend with over 700 as keepers.  Want some more?  Here:

Mr. Ray Bourque

Mr. Tom Warringer

So, Liam, my son-to-be, is going to be born within 2 weeks(or should be), my nervousness has dropped drastically to a simmer – which I think is normal for an expectant father.  I actually want to get him here asap so that we can get to some type of normality – and I want summer to come too lol.

I’ve been realizing some things lately, and I’ve also been running my ass off.  Besides working out for an hour to an hour and a half every day, I also run at least 3 miles a day – if not more, and it feels great… and sore lol.  That’s to be expected though.  I really want to be a fit and energetic dad to Liam, to be involved in his life and get that life on the right track regarding health, ambition, dreams and positivity.

Anywho, gotta go rub the belly, cheers

Michael Carty


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