I Shot Santa… and Then Interviewed Him

Hey Peeps,

Now that I have your attention – let me clarify.  Over the month, I have had the pleasure of taking photos of Santa and his biggest fans.  Little did I know Santa-lovers out there were so diverse and widespread.  Here’s just a few of my favs so far.

I think it is safe to say that there is a whole world out there in love with Santa Claus – don’t you?

I also had a few minutes today before shooting our last session to ask Santa some questions about being, well… him.  This is how it went

M:  So Santa, it’s really nice to meet you in person.  Usually you are gone by the time my home security alarm goes off.

S:  Oh, HO HO HO!  Why yes Little Mikey, Santa’s magic keeps him on top of all new technology, except for my Outlook, Santa just can’t understand that thing….

M:  Right.  So let me come right out and ask you, do you have any regrets about being who you are?  And if you could do anything else, what would that be?

S:  Hmmm, well Little Mikey, Mr. & Mrs. Claus regret never having children of our own, but because we are who we are, we have sort of adopted all the children of the world.  This makes Santa and Mrs. Claus very happy indeed, HO HO HO!(munches on cookie)  So to answer your other question, if Santa were not “Santa”, he would want to be a daddy, the best daddy in the world to his children – which Santa supposes, is the closest thing to Santa Claus – HO HO HO!!(sips on milk)  Although Santa did try out for the part of the diabetes spokesperson once, but Wilford Brimley beat Santa out….

M:  I understand.  So can you name off a few benefits of being Santa?

S:  Santa sure can Little Mikey!  Santa can travel anywhere in the world instantly;  Santa gets tonnes of frequent flier miles;  Santa knows where all the naughty girls are;  Santa can fit through any opening as large as a keyhole – most people keep their chimney flu closed at night, so Santa needs to squeeze in;  Santa can eat all the snacks he wants and still stays a nice, healthy plump shape!  HO HO HO!!(munches on two more cookies)

M:  Well Santa, knowing that this is the last night we will be working together before Christmas, I personally want to ask:  am I on your nice or naughty list?

S:  HO HO HO!!  Little Mikey, you are on Santa’s nice list of course!

M:  Is that so I keep my mouth shut to Mrs. Claus about that naughty girl reference or because you ate three boxes of cookies and a gallon of milk?

S:  Santa thinks Little Mikey is getting smarter every year!

M:  You do know that you speak of yourself in the third person right?

S:  Santa’s interview is over!  HO HO HO!!

M:  Alright Santa, smile and say Merry Christmas…

So Merry Etc and Happy Whatever to all of you and those you love no matter what creed, religion or belief(or lack thereof ;))!!  Hmmmm, that kind of rhymed…. See you next year!

Michael Carty
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