Sometimes The Best Advice Is Your Own

Hey Peeps,

Ever have that friend who wants to start a business or make things easier in their current business and for some reason you have this great insight into what they need in order to succeed?

For example, I have a buddy that is working on starting up a brewing company this year.  He knows what he wants to do but he doesn’t know what he wants to do.

I have been there – most times I live there.

One night he was explaining some of the things he needed to get nailed down regarding design, marketing, business structure, etc, etc.

For some reason or another, I started spouting the most interesting ideas to help his business and make work easier for him.  I don’t know where it came from, creativity + challenge?  

I know nothing of the beer industry except that I can get the stuff in can, bottle or glass and even though I have certain preferences, I don’t usually turn down a brand offered me if it is all there is.

After some back-and-forth, my buddy told me the ideas that I was suggesting were great, but he found it funny that they were also pretty common sense and that he just couldn’t think them up himself.

I understood.  

I told him that for most people, it is easier to give advise then to take it.  That’s probably why it is so hard for people to come up with “common sense” when it comes to their own work.  Maybe it’s because it’s personal to them.  Maybe it is hard to be objective when dealing with a passion or a dream.

I know for a fact that I normally couldn’t come up with as many great ideas for my own business – a business that I’ve learned a great deal about over the years – as I did with his brewing business.

So whenever I write or message or blog or speak with someone about their work, I make sure that I take notes of my own advice.  The businesses may be different – whole worlds different – but I find that you can translate almost anything that works for one bizz into another.

The idea here is translate – not copy.  There is a HUGE difference between the two.

Let me explain.

Copying an idea or business aspect doesn’t always work, and if it does, it won’t work as well as translating.  Like using a puzzle piece for a different puzzle that looks like the piece you need; it may do the job – but not very well.

Translating an idea or business aspect works best for your business because it is the right piece for your puzzle.  It fits perfectly, being custom made for your work.

So when you find yourself helping a friend with a work issue – jot that gold down son!  

Look it over later and see what you can do to translate it for your own. Throw out what you don’t want or can’t use or are already implementing and go from there

Don’t let your creative business mind(creativity + challenge, remember?) go to waste or work for free for someone else when it could work for you because… well, Sometimes The Best Advice Is Your Own.(Yeah, cheesy – whatever, get to the task below in red!!)

What’s your best business advice?  Did someone take it?  Did YOU?
If I were to ask you what marketing advice you would have for a business, what would it be?  
Now tell me how you would translate it to yours!!

Michael Carty

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