Special Update on Amit Gupta Needs You

Hey Peeps, 
This is a special post updating my friend Amit Gupta’s current status.  
You may have remembered reading about him and visiting the link from my blog post here, while interviewing a panel of fantastic photographers.  One of them, Dane Sanders – referred to Amit’s leukemia diagnosis and how he leveraged it into a positive direction that helped – and still helps, hundreds of thousands of people in need of bone marrow donors.
Amit created amitguptaneedsyou.com to help others in the same boat as himself and maybe, at the same time increase his chances of finding a donor.  
Well now he has found one!  
There is still a lot of struggle for Amit in the following months/years, but the hardest part – finding that one in a million person – has finally come for him, and I am soooooo happy for him, his family and friends.
The following link will take you to more specifics on his site.  Please visit Amit’s site and be part of his wonderful cause, I know that cancer has effected everyone worldwide in some way or another, so please help.  
Here’s the update link: Amit Gupta

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