Natasha + Derrick = LOVE!!

Hey Peeps,
I can’t believe that it was February since last I blogged – you can tell I have been busy.  But I HAD to post my first wedding of the New Year!
I’ve already written about Natasha and Derrick last year with their engagement shots.  Now, finally we have the wedding ones!
Luckily, my lovely wife Sandra came with me to assist and second shoot a bit(she is a great second pair of eyes), and we had a great time throughout the whole day!  The lighting was good, the house was incredible and the reception was full of candy and great food(I know the caterer, one word – YUM).
So without further ado(yes, I really said ado), here are some of my favorite shots of the day!
First, getting ready:
Loved this arrangement
We grabbed this wicker arrangement from the living room to position the rings
Loves the camera!
Loved the light here
I think Koi Shoes are becoming a signature shot for me
Sneak peek on mommy and bride
Captured joy between mother and daughter
Then we shot the girls and ran over to the guys:
Smile #1 check!
Smile #2 check!
Smile #3 check!
Bride is ready – Check!!
Minor wardrobe malfunction fixed by the bridesmaids
The guys in their “Reservoir Dogs” pose
After the ceremony, we went to the marina where the light was just perfect, bright but soft:
The AWWW Moment
What a great bunch of fun people
I LOVE this shot, clean and kind of mischievious, lol
And then, PARTY TIME!!
Three words: I…
 I mean, back to the lovely couple – and dancing!!
Another AWWW Moment!
I love this arrangement…
and caught the background arrangement with this one
Needless to say, you can tell it was a fantastic day for a fantastic couple.  I truly hope the best for Natasha and Derrick in the years to come, and when you’re looking for maternity shots…. well, you have my number… ;).
Michael Carty

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