BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend 2012

Hey Peeps,
Just got back from a great weekend in Halifax, NS covering the BMO Hockey Heroes Weekend with my buddy and second sniper Adam Graham.
It was fun reconnecting to some of the people who I worked with and the NHL Alums that I worked with on last years event, which was spectacular and did a great job of raising funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia.  We also had fun meeting new people involved in the event and hope to work with them all again soon.
So, how was the weekend itself?
Answer:  Fan-dan-tastic!
After getting to my place Friday morning, Adam and I made sure we had all the gear we needed and piled into my car for the 3 hour drive to Halifax.
We did the usual photographer thing on trips right?  We talked shop.
Who better to talk shop with than another photog?
Gear – Lighting – Business – Work/Life Juggling – Editing – Prints – Aesthetics, we went through the entire gauntlet.
A pit-stop in New Minas and an hour later we were pulling into the Westin Nova Scotian, unloaded our gear and set up our workstation before preparing ourselves for the first nights events.
After the setup was completed, we went downstairs to the banquet hall where we met up with Jane Davies and Annette LeBlanc, Vice President and event coordinator from ZedEvents respectively and our contacts for Hockey Heroes, to get any last minute information we may need.
Our NHL Alumni this year were:  Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, Claude Lemieux, Guy Carbonneau, Marty McSorley, Russ Courtnall, Gary Leeman, Al Iafrate, Rick Middleton, Gaston Gingras, Kevin Maguire, Todd Warriner, Todd Harvey, Ken Belanger, Gilbert Dionne and Alain Cote.

Needless to say, that first night was fun.

We got a lot off of our shoot list ahead of schedule, the clients affiliates were overly happy of the job we did and everyone was having a great time.

Items were auctioned off to the fans for fundraising and the Alumni were getting into the swing of things.

Soooo wanted this!!

Good sports for a great event!
There was a lot of people there, the brews were flowing and spirits were high.
Jane Davies, Vice Pres of ZedEvents and Menna MacIsaac, CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia 
NHL Alumni and event coordinators
The Alumni with our Dartmouth Dodge sponsors
Robert Zed, Jane Davies and Leanne Andrecyk:  President, Vice Pres. and Creative Director of ZedEvents respectively
What a great banquet before the games begin!!
Saturday, we shot the teams on the ice and caught some great vid footage that will be posted at a later date, along with some wonderful action stills of gameplay:
Team shot
Guy Carbonneau cracking up with teammates
Everyone is so eager to get out there!!        

 Did I mention this was also a family event?  Oh yes, tonnes of kids of all ages came out to see the stars, grab some autographs and photos and enjoy the weekend!

Future NHL Alumni?
Marty McSorley posing with some fans
Great for the whole family!
The local team got to take a pic with some of our Hockey Heroes
 Then they got down to business….
Ray, Guy and the boys scrabbling for the puck
Watching the action from afar…
and up close!
Todd Warriner was gracious enough to let Adam strap his new GoPro cam to his helmet during gameplay and got us some sweet footage.
The event also had a Beard-o-Thon for fundraising…
as you can see there were many participants, lol.
Eager, waiting, historic, heroic…
Why not just a little showboating eh? LOL
 Overall it was a fantastic success, we shot tonnes of images, Adam captured a lot of great footage of which we are sifting through currently and the clients, both ZedEvents and the Heart and Stroke Foundation were very happy with the work done.  
Can’t wait to do it again next year!!
Did you go to the event?  Do you plan on going next year?  Who would you have as your favorite alumni next year?
Michael Carty


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