Who Wants A Moustache Ride? (I’m going to regret that title…)

Hey Peeps,

I can bet you know at least one dude, be it your friend, brother, father, son or some other label that connects their life to yours.

I can also bet that at least one of those guys has suffered from a fight with prostate cancer or some form of mental health like depression and/or anxiety.

If not, well you do now.  Me.

For an explanation of the moustache, keep reading.

I haven’t had prostate cancer – thank goodness, and it may not look like it from the image above, but I have suffered from large struggles with anxiety and depression.  Bottomless pits that left me in a world that was flat and colorless, without substance or meaning of any sort.  

But I fought.  

I still fight today.

And this month, I’m hoping you will join me in that fight by joining/donating Movember & Sons.  They are a great organization in these struggles and I am proud to be part of a team of men who support it.

Our team, the League of Extraordinary Moustaches, is made up of over a dozen guys in my local area, led by our Team Captain and fellow photographer, Adam Graham.

We have raised several hundred dollars in just these few days and are continuing to collect more with your help.

You can see my progress on my Fanpage every two days as I update my moustaches growth.

Check it out so far.

Day 1
Day 3

Day 5

Okay, okay, not much growth right?  Well it’s only been 5 days – cut me some slack, it will get better.

One of the many fun things with Movember are the free, customizable cards you can order, here’s a shot of ours that I just received today and I also hope to grow by the end of the month.

Man, that makes me look old…

Also, I wanted to generate more fundraising by using my photography, so I am donating 10% of every shoot I take in Movember towards this cause.

How my Holiday Special helps Movember

I challenge all of you, whether an artist or whatever it is you do to do something similar in support of Movember.

So please listen, care, grow and give.

Oh, before I go, a quick Good voting” to my American readers, I hope you all the best in your leadership choosing and sincerely enjoy the democracy that so many in this world don‘t get to.

And I hope Obama wins.  BAM!!  😉 

Michael Carty

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2 thoughts on “Who Wants A Moustache Ride? (I’m going to regret that title…)

  1. Awesome Michael! That's really cool to give 10% of your work's proceed to the Movember Foundation :DMy friend and I are helping out as well by doing portraits for MoBro's and MoSista's, with all the shoot's proceeds going to charity. I'm really happy to be helping the cause! Cheers!

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