Better Than Google

Long story short – I’m better than Google.


You see, I’ve come to realize that there is a need for information in this industry, in this hobby, in this artform, in this trade, in this craft – and that need is NOT being met.

YOU have a need for some very specific things:

  • A need for direct answers that give desired results.
  • A need for connection, community and support with other creatives.
  • A need for understanding, of our craft, our business, our clients and ourselves.
  • A need to simplify, to specify and direct our lives.

I’m not a know-it-all;  I’m a have-done-it-all…

I’m not going to say that I have all the answers to guarantee your dreams come true.

But I have done the grunt work(ie. what everyone hates to do).

I have seen the glorious light of success and reveled in it.

I have been beaten down to the lowest of levels of defeat and lost all hope.

I have been where you have been before – and I have been where you haven’t been yet.

I know what works – and what I don’t know, I know what works to find out.

So what’s the BIG deal?

I’ve been working on giving you what you need.

You need real motivation.

You need real direction.

You need real action.

You need real support.

You need real confidence.

You need real enjoyment.

You need real growth.

You need real evolution.

You need real revolution.

You need real substance.

You need real… do you see a theme here?

I want to make a difference so that YOU can make a difference…

In moving in this direction, I’m building a more supportive element to my business/photography.

You will see the growth of great projects/material to help YOU EVOLVE as a photographer.

  • New and actionable online tutorials to hone your craft and take eye-popping photography
  • FREE eBooks, guides and workflows to streamline your processing, business and take the work out of… well, work!
  • A special subscription option that gains you full access to ALL present and new perks, including a live, monthly online subscribers meeting with me to iron out all the bugs you run into!

This is just the tip of the iceberg…

It’s only February right?

What can happen over the course of a year?  LOTS!

That’s what I’m anticipating, but not only that – I’m working towards it too.

To give you more.

More of what YOU need.

More of what YOU want.

More of what will really make a difference in YOUR LIFE.

Get on board!!

I’m going to make it really easy:

Subscribe to this blog.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get some free tutorials under your belt.

Subscribe to my Fanpage.

Or do all of the above and keep up-to-date when I drop these great bombs on you.

Take this FREE eBook!!

Just because you have stayed with me this long, I want to give you my FIRST, FREE eBook, “Hack Your Camera” to wet your appetite.

It is the perfect starter for new photography enthusiasts and is also great for the more experienced shooter to use as a refresher.

Get it HERE.

Let me know what you think of it, what you like, what you hate, what it’s missing.

Or just let me know how your day is, I genuinely would like to know.  Really.

Thanks again everyone and keep being awesome!

Michael Carty


2 thoughts on “Better Than Google

  1. If you, Adam, and Clifton ever decided to put together a workshop, regardless of how “beginner” it may be,.. I’d be there. Just sayin’ 🙂 lol
    I am tired of every random photographer putting together their own little workshop and charging $1000 or more for two days of aperature, ISO and shutter speed. (In my opinion, the only way to understand those is to get out there and start shooting in manual) I want quality information from experienced photographers who have successful businesses. That would be you three in my eyes! lol
    I really enjoyed the e-Book! I have my first few photoshoots lined up for this spring, so learning about the shapes has really helped. I’ve subscribed to your youtube channel & facebook. Thanks for making so much information available to intermediates such as myself 🙂

  2. Hi Jade, Thx so much for the kind words. I’m currently working towards training videos now and I hope my YouTube channel helps you as well as my eBook. Congrats on the work you have lined up – exciting isn’t it? 😀 Thanks again for jumping on board and following my humble teachings.

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