Einstein Was A F@#$ Up

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different

– Albert Einstein


The practical application of this quote is to work towards finding desired results.

But after you have found the results you want, does that mean it is time to start repeating those actions?


Specific actions –> Desired results –> Success –> Rinse & Repeat

That should be simple enough to understand and accept.

“Don’t fix what’s not broken.”  Right?


Break it.

Life is not black and white.

Life is dynamic.

We think we want our work and business to be structured, predictable and perfect.

Sometimes perfect is stagnant.

And didn’t we get into our work to eliminate the predictable and stagnant from our lives?

Why don’t we want better?

Why don’t we want different?

We Hate To Fail.

If we keep changing the equation, we keep changing the results.

Of course, we slim the number of those results down to two outcomes:  pass or fail.

We want to succeed and we get frustrated when we put time and effort into work that ends up sending us right back to the drawing board.

We want things done and done right now.

Where Real Value Lives.

Trial and error.

Trial and error.

Trial and error.

You finally find the answer you’re looking for.  Repeat the steps.

I get it.

I do it myself.

It works.

But the real value – where new ideas for art, products, workflows, philosophies, experiences, lessons and life – come from the trials.

The failures.

The mistakes.

You’ve heard this schtick before, I know that too.  So have I.

Here’s something you haven’t heard before:  your process depreciates in value.

Depreciating Value.

Whatever winning formula you have won’t last.

It may be great for now, maybe for the next decade if you’re lucky, but once your resources to get it in front of people is exhausted, numbers will drop and attention will waver.

It’s inevitable.  Then you’re back in to trial and error.

Why not invest in your mistakes and failures?

What new wonders could spring from those half-formed ideas?

Survival of the Fittest.Human_evolution.svg

When you’re dreaming up ideas on the next creative photoshoot, recipe, story plot or whatever your passion is, you go through a lot of mental drafts.

Each one is like a new species of animal, and like Natural Selection, you are looking for the one that survives perfectly in its environment.

The ideas you toss can’t survive.  They either aren’t good enough to thrive or they would die outright.

That’s why you toss them.

What is not realized is that these discarded critters have the potential to conquer entirely different environments.

What may not work for your landing page may work for your about page.

What doesn’t work for your 4-member family portrait clients may work for your national charity foundation clients.


When you’re dreaming, keep messing up.

Then keep the messes.

Then dream about those messes.

They came to you at a time when you were looking for answers to something.  Maybe they were just answers to different questions that you haven’t asked yet.

How can they evolve and adapt to fit into your work?  How can they augment your core message and vision?

Einstein Would Be A Nobody.

If he didn’t keep the messes you wouldn’t know his name.

Among a slew of mistakes that led to other theories and breakthroughs, there were no less than 7 incorrect proofs of E=mc2 before Einstein got it right.

That may not sound like a lot, but those 7 mess ups span over 40 years!

Imagine that!

Forty years for one, single equation!!

If he gave up, he’d be nobody.

If he tossed out his mistakes, he couldn’t use them as a resource and others couldn’t use them for separate theories.

Albert Einstein knew the value hidden in mistakes.  To take them, clean them up, give them a bit to eat and see where else they can live.

I couldn’t say it any better than the man himself:

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
– Albert Einstein

So keep trying, keep f-ing up, use those f-ups and you will always be doing, making and creating something new with your work.

Try to fail, don’t fail to try.

I’m out.

Michael Carty



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