Golden Turd Nuggets Anyone?

I got spammed today and it made me laugh until milk came shooting out of my nose._MG_0098-Editl

Not really, but you get the idea.

The funny part wasn’t the fact that it started off sounding like a human being that was actually interested in increasing value and quality.  It wasn’t the fact that they stated that visitor’s to websites will stay longer, read more and purchase product when they are presented with information that they are craving and want.

The funny part was when they offered funneling random traffic to my site and sold it as the solution.

How does pushing high traffic to my site increase the value that I give my visitors?

It doesn’t. Only I can increase my value.

It was all like so much spam,“I will give you turds dressed up to look like gold for $$$.”

Eventually you won’t see this type of thing anymore. Not because it’s going to be outlawed or even because these people will find something worth doing for once in their lives – although I sincerely hope they do.

It will stop happening because eventually it will stop making money.

People – meaning you and I, will see it for what it is, and we will stop looking for the quick fix because we will realize that quality takes time.

Remember quality not quantity?

This dude was selling me the opposite – a large quantity of clicks to my site with no real qualitative increase in value – either from the clicks or from my material.

Don’t sell yourself short by playing a numbers game like everyone and their best friend.

Get back to your craft, get back to work, take your time, make it better and don’t buy(or sell) any golden turds.



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