Unsubscribe Now.

While busy writing – and writing, I mean surfing through emails, facebook statuses, linkedin touchpoints and basically NOT writing much – I realized that a good chunk of my day was spent deleting emails from blogs or companies that I subscribed to.

Did you read that correctly?

A good chunk of my day was spent deleting emails from blogs and companies that I subscribed to.


Really?  Why did I bother to subscribe in the first place?

Well initially I had a good reason;  a lot of those sources were great for information on a diverse amount of topics – all useful in my life, work, etc.  But if I wasn’t even reading them – or if I did but didn’t implement the information given, then what is the point of having my email cluttered every day?  What was the point of spending useful time deleting these messages?

I did the unbelievable…

So I started unsubscribing(OOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!), whatever.  It sounds like a dirty word, or something that you do to hurt someone’s feelings because you hate their business, or message, or face.

Yes, some of them I do hate their face, but I really doubt they care.

In the last week I have knocked off almost two dozen – YES!  TWO DOZEN!!

More keep coming in, but I keep knocking them out.  I make it decisive, instinctual and sometimes quite logical, “When’s the last time I read a post from them?  Do I really plan on using any of this or do I have better/other sources?  Have I outgrown this subscription and its message?(That one is my favorite!)”

How My Life Has Ended

I’ve noticed my email is quieter than ever.  Most of what comes in I really want to read, respond and implement.  I get more done because I have less distraction from these inane posts coming in on every topic from health to photography to marketing to “fill in the blank”.

It enables me to be refreshingly focused at the tasks I need to get done and love to do.  I’m less exhausted when I come off my laptop and engage with my friends and family.

You should try it, it works, you won’t be sorry.  Even if you unsubscribe from me, I won’t take offense if it really makes a positive difference in your life overall.  I mean it.

Well time to get some writing done(the real kind…).

Michael Carty


4 thoughts on “Unsubscribe Now.

  1. hahaha! this is hilarious. I am EXACTLY THE SAME!! LOLLLL ! Have you ever considered being a stand up?? you write so well! I can totally picture the scene of sifting through endless emails – my favourite line: “WTF? Really? ” ha! No but it’s true, i also sometimes wonder if there are like spam bots or something that just subscribe me to half these things cos i seriously cant remember subscribing to them . Visit my blog here: http://tamikadoubell.com/

  2. baha. I subscribed to something the other day that I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not, so I used my fiancee’s email. Now he’s being swamped with junkmail, and can’t figure out why….oops! lol 🙂
    I unsubscribe from blogs often. no harm done.

  3. Hi Tamika, thx for the kind words and no, I haven’t considered doing stand-up(this week). I thoroughly enjoyed your blog, let me know if you ever visit Canada and maybe we can collaborate. Take care.

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