Good Is Meaningless

“Taking a position without taking action is choosing a ladder to climb, hanging on the bottom rung and fooling ourselves into thinking we’re at the top.” – Yours Truly

What’s good?  Are you good?  What makes you so?

For example, we assume that loving our children is good and the thought of not loving our children is bad or strange or wrong or broken – basically not normal.

So giving children your love feels normal, right?

But normalcy itself isn’t good – it’s adequate.

It’s a baseline where we all begin towards a direction that is either better or worse.

Adequacy is neither good or bad, it merely is… adequate.

Walk the Walk

To act upon that love, to spend time with, to teach, to hold and to express that love is an entirely separate matter altogether and I would argue that this is what can be truly considered good.

On a scale of “for or against” regarding any position or topic, simply being something without action expressing that state puts you immediately and eternally at 0.

Some of you have undoubtedly heard the rumored story of Pastor Jeremiah Steepek.

Whether true or not, it is a compelling story(if not a parable), not just of modern organized religion but of our society and humanity and it is easy to believe that the general actions and apathy of the congregation described would be considered a state of normalcy across the globe in every level of our culture.

Taking a position without taking action is choosing a ladder to climb, hanging on the bottom rung and fooling ourselves into thinking we’re at the top.  It breeds hubris and self-idolization, distorts our perceptions and creates discrimination of others – both passive and aggressive.

Being Good At What You DO

Asking the question,”Am I good or merely adequate?” to every aspect of your life is the first move in stepping out from the norm and adding value and meaning to what you truly love and believe in – including your work/passion.

Do you love it?

Do you appreciate your clients?

Do you enjoy the creative freedom it gives you?

Do you show it?  How?  What are you doing to prove it? 

Being something is as ineffectual as any idea lacking the actions to make it a reality.

Don’t be fooled into believing that you’re good when you’re really adhering to social normalcy and adequacy.  We need to reevaluate the meaning of what we consider good, because right now – good is meaningless.

Michael Carty

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