Powerteams and Happy New Etc!!

In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry.
– Roger Staubach

Goodbye, sweet 2013…

This is most likely going to be my last post for 2013, I’ve already posted 2-3 others and besides the festivities about to happen, I also have a lot of fun, creative things to get my hands dirty that I really should get back to.


I want to leave you and 2013(I’ll see you on the other side…) with something special, something that will boost your creativity, your workload, your quality, your everything.

No Man Is An Island…

Look, I get it.

You want to prove something to someone – your parents, spouse, children, friends, old boss, old coworkers, the jerk across town, etc.

You want to show them that you can do this, all of this on your own.

Your skills are killer, your ambition is stellar and you won’t let anything stop you.

So get out of your own damn way already and ask for help.

One Kind of Help…

So there’s help as in,“I’m drowning in this mess and am about to lose my shit – help me!!”

And then there’s help as in building a team of like-minded creatives to collaborate with on personal projects in order to:

  1. build new and dynamic bodies of work
  2. increase the quality of (both) your services
  3. be creative for the god’s sake!
  4. charge more $$$
  5. increase the quality of your craft
  6. get outside of your comfort zone
  7. network with each others network
  8. many many more

Intro to Heidi

I’ve collaborated with creatives before, but over the last few months I’ve been mainly dedicated to working – when at all possible, with my new MUA/Stylist, Heidi DeBoer.

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Model Josee Hicks and SuperMUA/Stylist Heidi behind the scenes

Heidi is awesome.  Can I just say that?

Her passion for creative work is unquenchable.

This past fall, she lead the make up for the Atlantic Fashion Week and has been collaborating with an array of fantastic photogs – including yours truly…

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We have a bunch of new and imaginative concepts to put out this 2014 that I know you are going to love, some light and airy – others dark and nightmarish – I may receive hate mail for some, but that’s what being creative is like right?

You can’t please everyone all the time.

Intro to Crystal

Crystal started out as a client and model for Heidi and I and now she is one of my most outstanding maternity/newborn/child/family/boudoir photographers.

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She’s very new to the scene, but she has the ambition and drive to see things through – sometimes I even feel like I need to catch up to her!

Our holiday staff party – minus Heidi 😦
Our holiday staff party - minus Heidi :(

Our holiday staff party – minus Heidi 😦

Crystal’s innovation is remarkable and her love of the craft is second to none, I can’t wait to really dive into what we can do together in the new year and bring some value to the market and local areas.

If You Build It…

It was a nice movie, but what I’m saying is that building a strong and enthusiastic team around you will work wonders for your photography.  It will give you new drive and other minds to bounce ideas off of, it will make you accountable to others depending on you showing up with your game face on every time.

I love my team of creatives, I can’t wait to see what we do in 2014 and how it changes and grows during the year to come.

So never underestimate a strong collaborative team, they will be your support and help promote your shit as you help promote theirs.

I’ll Miss You…

First let me give you this link to a NYE post I did in 2011 interviewing such creatives and friends as Dane Sanders and Jake Garn.  It will give you a glimpse on their perspective on things photog-related.

Last, I want to thank all of my friends(old and new) and family(old and new), clients(etc) and collaborators for a great year, I had a lot of fun and adventuring, we had our second child who is so adorable – and he knows it.  Thank you to my other son for being so loving to his brother and my wife for all her support and love – I love you all!!

Happy New Year from the Carty’s!!
Happy New Year from the Carty's!!

Happy New Year from the Carty’s!!

See you on the other side!

Michael Carty