Nova Fashion Incubator: Taking Charge of East Coast Fashion

When you first think of fashion, the East Coast probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind.

You’re more likely to think of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, L.A., Toronto or a number of other places considered a Mecca of the fashion world.

The East Coast on the other hand, specifically the Maritimes, tends to bring to mind thoughts of summer party’s in the woods, the fishing industry and tourism.


A peek into the Nova Fashion Incubator before our meeting… and Christmas party…

That’s all about to change.

The Nova Fashion Incubator is a new non-profit organization in Halifax, NS who’s mandate is to


tis the season

“…establish a growing and profitable fashion design and garment industry on the East Coast by providing the space, equipment and mentorship needed for fashion professionals to build and grow their businesses.  The goal of the Nova Fashion Incubator is to raise the level of qualified and proficient designers in the area, making East Coast fashion recognized across Canada as a professional and credible industry.”




This Friday, new equipment will be brought in and set up.  The Incubator will be up and running by Monday for any and all members/designers to utilize the space and equipment, getting an enormous head start towards designing, making and shipping their lines, which is one of many key elements in the organizations plan to strengthen the coasts fashion industry – by supporting designers.


Don’t drool on the Juki


The Nova Fashion Incubator’s leading team is seriously creative and ambitious.

We have co-directors/founders Amanda Kincaid of LINE Magazine and Laura Corkum of Lady Lamb Designs, with board members Conni Zafiris of Zafira Apparel and Michelle Kulyk(photo unavailable), who has an extensive background in the fashion and garment industry, including design, manufacturing and teaching.


Amanda, Conni & Laura Photo Credit: Mag Hood

I’m proud to be an Associate Member of the Incubator and am excited about the ideas for 2015 discussed at the first few meetings.  I can’t go into detail about everything, but I’m looking forward to lots of unique shows, shoots and travel.

Another facet of support that they are giving designers are learning workshops.  The first is a two day Pattern Grading course, you can check out the details here.


Conni modeling with our mannequin.

I’m currently discussing a basic photography course for simple product shots where the option of a full studio setup would be overkill.  This way designers can up their photo skills a bit when shooting pieces like jewelry.

I believe this organization has the potential to become huge and a game changer for the industry, and with leaders like these four smart and ambitious women(and supporters like yours truly) – the sky is truly the limit.

So check out the studio and all the new gear to play with this Monday, and tell them Michael sent you.


To find out more information regarding the Nova Fashion Incubator and how to become a member, please check out their site here.